Details Emerge on the Texas MedSpa Death

Earlier this month, we shared details on our Facebook page about the tragic death that occurred at a Texas MedSpa.

Here's where you can view press coverage of this story. 

Jennifer Cleveland, a guest at a Texas MedSpa died after receiving an IV therapy treatment from the spa.  Initially, it was unclear as to whether or not the IV had anything to do with the guest's death.

After careful review, the autopsy report revealed that the guest died of a cardiac event and drugs were found in her system.   Details from this situation are still being analyzed but at this time, it doesn't appear that the MedSpa was at fault.

Here is a link to the press release provided by the MedSpa's attorney.

What We Can Learn From This Tragedy

  1. Health History Forms
    Each and every guest should have an up-to-date health history on file that is reviewed by your Medical Director prior to administering treatments.  This document could be critical in proving your innocence in a situation like this.
  2. Insurance Coverage
    The best way to ensure your business is protected against legal issues is to make sure that you have the right staff performing treatments, and that you have adequate insurance coverage.  Your insurance policy needs to cover all the treatments you perform, and should cover legal expenses should you need to retain legal support.
  3. Staff
    As a MedSpa owner, it is your job to know who is allowed to perform treatments and what credentials are required.  Even under a Medical Director's supervision, there are treatments that require special licensing.  Anyone who does not have the proper credentials should not be performing those treatments if you want to avoid legal issues.

If you have questions about compliance, training, or the role of your Medical Director, please contact us for a consultation.